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Welcome to Body by Darlene's Website!

Darlene became intrigued by the intricacies and benefits of therapeutic massage after a minor injury to her back steered her towards her first treatment. Instantly sure she had found her calling, two weeks later she enrolled in the MRC School of Massage.


In 1998, Darlene graduated with honors in the top 2% of her class.


Darlene has continued to add to her extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, attending the College of Holistic Studies and studying alternative treatment protocols such as aromatherapy, basalt hot stone therapy, or sports massage.


Bodywork is truly Darlene's passion. A problem solver by nature, Darlene enjoys piecing together her clients' histories to find the root of the problem-causing symptoms, ultimately helping her clients discover a healthier, happier approach to well being.


As a result, Darlene customizes each massage to the needs of her client, so every massage by Darlene is tailored to the individual, and no two massages are alike.


Darlene's specialities include the following:



Deep Tissue

Sports Massage

Hot Stone



Her client base is various.  With her immaculate and detailed work, she works to pinpoint the causes of ailments--ranging from the mild to the severe--often on the first visit. From overstressed Moms and overworked schoolteachers to muscle-strained athletes and injury-prone children, her goal is to create optimum, therapeutic results that are measurable.